Somewhere Under a Vast Solid Dome: Galerie Dix9

18 May - 15 June 2019

Brazilian artist born in Sao Paulo and living in Milan, Debora Hirsch nourishes her research with scientific knowledge acquired during her engineering studies. She develops a metaphysical approach to art where different realities are intertwined.
Drawing from archives, antique books, social network and data found on the Internet, her works bring forth stunning combinations of scattered universes revealing hidden realities, such as the influence of media and technology in our modern societies.

For her first personal exhibition at Galerie Dix9, Debora Hirsch presents a body of new works from a project called "Firmamento", consisting of paintings, videos and "mirror objects". The project is focused on the relationship between the colonization of Brazil and digital colonialism, displaying similar procedures - distraction, schemes and even lies -,  instruments of manipulation, homogenization, surveillance and control.


Hirsch has been investigating the limits of representation and aims at resending perception towards the network to which we are all interconnected and depending onshe has a metaphysical approach to art where different realities are intertwined.  Each painting, beyond its aesthetic harmony, is to be analyzed, even decodedDebora Hirsch seeks to create a balanced coexistence between seemingly unrelated worlds, both in time and space, in order to unveil hidden realities, subtle connections and similarities.

Hirsch's works 
are both harmonious and complex, b
orn of an erudite and poetic construction from scattered and decontextualized elements: fragments of landscapes, architectural details, traces of traditional decorative motifs that unconsciously recall the microscopic life, scientific representations, decoded elements of digital language, algorithms, and elements borrowed from American colonial imagery.


Master at the University in São Paulo, Brasil and  MBA at the University Bocomi in Milanoo, Debora Hirsch had recently artist residencies at AnnexB, New York (2019) and RU Residency Unlimited in New York (2018). She is nominated for the next Grants and commission program of the Foundation Cisneros Fontanals. She was exhibited in various shows in Italy, New York, Poland, India and Brazil. Her works are in many public and private collections: MOCAK, Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow, Poland, MuBe Museu Brasileiro da Escultura e Ecologia, São Paulo, Brazil, Casa Testori, Italy, Fondation Francès, France, Fondation Benetton, Italy , Arte Mondadori, Milan , Collection Ernesto Esposito, Italy, Agi Verona Collection, Italy GAMEC Verone, Italy Monte dei Paschi Bank, Italy, Museo Premio Suzzara, Italy, Collezione VR Vittorio Rappa, Italy, Fondazione Rivoli2, Milan, Isabella Hutchinson, New York .