In 1991, five years after graduating from the Escuela de Bellas Artes in his native Buenos Aires, Alejandro Corujeira (b. 1961, Argentina) travelled to Madrid where he continues to reside and work to this day. Corujeira’s earliest aesthetic was Constructivist in nature, but it was after he had been living in the Spanish capital for some time, that he began working with more organic and minimalist forms. Over the years, Corujeira has gained increasing recognition as a unique artist working within the field of postmodern abstraction. Employing a diverse range of media, he has consistently exhibited a commitment to wavering lines, oblong shapes, and undulating forms, all the while depicting these across a wide spectrum of chromatic palettes and imbuing them with a unique sense of movement.


HM&C Study Room: an in-depth look at Alejandro Corujeira