HM&C + Priscilla Monge featured in Cultured: "5 Can't-Miss Latin American and Latinx Artists at the 2022 Armory"

The Armory Show 2022
"Costa Rican-born artist Priscilla Monge examines how society treats women through a range of mediums— film, photography, sculpture, and performance, using subtle humor to critique the power dynamics of daily life. For example, in The Artist Reveals Mystic Truths, Monge, 54, has painted the inside of teacups with coffee to read phrases that each end with the words “a matter of life and death.” In her “Pizarras” series, she repeatedly writes “I should not have obsessive thoughts" and “I should not cry.” Of the ten chalkboards (sold as a group) displayed at the Armory, Monge explains, “I explore the cliches about women, the dark side of education, punishment, and repetition.”
- Jacoba Urist
September 13, 2022
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