Raquel Rabinovich: Portals

Jonathan Goodman , The Brooklyn Rail, October 6, 2021

Raquel Rabinovich, now 92, is an artist working in Rhinebeck, New York; born in Buenos Aires, she moved to the United States in 1967. The artist is known for her monochromatic painting and glass sculptures, as well as her ecologically influenced works, likely the result of her proximity to the Hudson River. Rabinovich favors dense, dark surfaces and is clearly beholden to the minimal art she experienced when she first arrived in America. She is an artist who has been active throughout her stay in America but has not received the full recognition she deserves. This show makes it clear that Rabinovich is a notable painter and sculptor, someone taken with both Minimalism and surfaces made attractive by their contact with the natural world, water in particular. In a time when social practice in art stands out, her lyrically abstract bent of mind makes her both a bridge to an earlier time and a contemporary poet of materials.

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