Raquel Rabinovich

Raquel Rabinovich: The Dark Is the Source of the Light
George Quasha and Linda Weintraub, 1996

Publisher: Station Hill Press

ISBN: 1-886449-38-4

Pages: 46

This artist-approved publication features the work of celebrated Argentinean-born artist Raquel Rabinovich , and includes photographs of her rock sculpture, watercolors, urban installations, and works using pencil on specially selected papers. Exquisitely designed by Susan Quasha with essays by art critic and curator Linda Weintraub and poet/artist George Quasha, and a poem by Charles Stein selected by the artist.


The texts discuss the artist’s work from 1963, when she began her lifelong investigations into the nature of existence through an exploration of what she calls “the dark,” that which is “concealed beneath the surface of objects, of words, of thoughts, of the world.” In her work Rabinovich speaks a language where the fine line between inner and outer turns transparent.


“There are artists for whom the core gesture of the work is indistinguishable from the emergence of Being itself. They inform us that there is no question of “special effects” because nothing is special. Accordingly, everything seen with the truth of the eye of art is equal to Being. Perhaps this is the meaning of the famous Egyptian hieroglyph of the Eye, taking Ra to be simply the root of art: that which is made so truly that it is of the nature of Being. To contemplate the art of Raquel Rabinovich is to participate at this level of essential meanings.” – George Quasha, from his essay, “A Short Meditation on the Meditative Art of R.R.”

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