Hutchinson Modern & Contemporary is Pleased to Announce the Representation of Raquel Rabinovich

Hutchinson Modern & Contemporary is pleased to announce representation of New York-based Argentinian-American artist Raquel Rabinovich. Over the course of a seventy-year-long career, Rabinovich (b. 1929, Buenos Aires) has been concerned with the paradox of making the invisible visible. She pursues themes of mythology, existence, nature, and transcendence in her monochromatic paintings and drawings, as well as in her sculptural practice that encompasses large-scale glass environments and site-specific stone installations along the shores of the Hudson River. Rabinovich tries to reveal, through the processes she explores, how that which is concealed emerges into view. In her glass environments she aims to create spaces that are “simultaneously accessible and inaccessible, open and enclosed, tangible and intangible, private and public, visible and invisible.”

April 8, 2020
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